St. Edward Catholic Church

St. Edward Exterior

Surrounding a Courtyard facing Mt. Ranier, the Church also presents a space to the street. The bell tower contains glass louvers behind which is the Bell from the old church. It is a visual and audible reminder of the old church, welcoming and familiar.

church architecture

Perched above downtown Shelton, WA, St. Edward embraces the courtyard where outdoor activities and services may be held. The Education wing, right, and the Parish Hall wing, left, have porches engaging the courtyard.

church courtyard

St. Edward Interior

Painstaking attention to detail and selection of materials, fixtures and colors harmonize. The Baptismal Font was designed to be part of several rustic elements.
The river rock, shaped by flowing water appropriately reflects the flow of water an implies a wellspring of faith. In keeping with the design of the Font,
the front doors were custom designed to act as a metaphor of flowing water and alternately, as a metaphor to the trees and traditional lumber industry of Shelton.
These doors can be seen on the home page.

baptismal font

Assisting the Church to incorporate elements from their old Church to be demolished. Even performing a Level I Historic assessment of the old church to allow
completion of the sale to the County of the old property.

stained glass

Main Doors and Font
Seen against the doors, the Font appears as a rock set in a stream, in a forest of trees.


The Narthex is separated from the Sanctuary by a very wide folding door, making the Narthex part of the Sanctuary; serving as overflow during holidays.
The concrete is brought into the building to layer the transition of spaces from courtyard to porch to Narthex to Sanctuary.