Dear Reader,
A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, I am a registered architect with 19 years of experience.

My skills encompass all phases and aspects of the profession and are verifiable with a variety of clients, consultants, and contractors. My enthusiasm for doing the best work possible, and my encouragement for my team to do so as well can also be confirmed.

My understanding of the construction process and detailed documentation process allows me to maximize design budget without sacrificing constructability. Further, these skills allow me to maintain design value during value engineering and proposed changes under design build projects.

Additionally, I am familiar with a variety of project types, sizes, and contract types.

Having completed the permitting process in multiple states and cities and having working knowledge of multiple codes including IBC and NFPA 5000, I am able to navigate complex planning and municipal codes, earning the respect of even the most demanding local code officials.

I strive for excellent communication and coordination with clients, consultants and contractors as it is critical to a successful project. I focus on design solutions that suit the clients desires, predict consultant requirements, and fit with contractor’s construction and bidding methods.

Completing an excellent project while creating a rewarding experience is my personal goal.

Albert A. de Santis, Architect

de Santis Architecture
by A. A. de Santis
Olympia, Washington